Big thanks to Connotation Press

I am delighted to report this morning that the online literary journal, Connotation Press–An Online Artifact, published my action bowling story, “Action,” today.

Connotation is a journal I have gotten to know better of late as I have exchanged work with their Creative Nonfiction and Poetry editors in recent months. I have found them to be a delight to work with, and the journal’s ongoing success seems to owe a lot to their unwavering devotion to a task that in many ways can be thankless. I owe them a great debt of gratitude for their receptivity to my work. It also helps that they recently published one of my favorite poets, the great and powerful Stephen Dunn! :0)

You can check out my story on Connotation Press here. I hope you enjoy what you read. It is an excerpt from my ongoing book project, tentatively titled PIN ACTION: Hustlers, Con Artists, and the Outrageous Men of Action Bowling. In case you missed my story about action bowling in the New York Times last weekend, you can find that story here.

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