My story in inaugural “Bowlers Journal Interactive”

I am honored to have a feature story published in the inaugural issue of Bowlers Journal Interactive, a new, digital supplement to the print version of Bowlers Journal. The story is about PBA Tour star Mike Fagan, and it appears on page 28 of the issue, which you can explore here.

Bowlers Journal is the oldest monthly sports magazine in the world–they celebrate their 100th anniversary next year–and it’s basically where I got my start as a bowling writer. I am forever indebted to Jim Dressel, who was kind enough to respond to a letter I mailed him back in 2004 expressing my interest in writing for the magazine. I was fresh out of graduate school and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my¬† life. All I knew was I liked to write and I liked to bowl. I figured maybe I could combine¬† both and come up with something interesting.

He assigned me to do a story about PBA Tour legend Mark Roth, who then was working at Florida Lanes in Tampa where I happened to be living at the time. You can read that story here. Now eight years later, I have written hundreds of bowling features, met many amazing people and had many great experiences in my time as a bowling writer. It all started with BJI, though, and I never will forget that. Thanks, Jim!

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