PIN ACTION Gets Great Write-Up in Creative Loafing

I recently dusted off my bowling shoes and began practicing again for the first time in years. If you’ve read the preface of my new book, PIN ACTION, you know I squandered my childhood in the bowling alleys of Brooklyn, bowling at least a hundred games a week during summers and almost as much when school was in, whenever my parents capitulated to my begging. But it’s been a long time since I was that 14-year-old kid shooting 300 in youth leagues with nothing to worry about but bowling and trying to get through Dark World on Super Mario 3. Despite a couple 200 games in practice, generally, I must admit, time has not been kind to my neglected bowling game.

That became obvious when I hit the lanes with Creative Loafing writer, David Z. Morris, with whom I went bowling in Tampa recently to shoot a couple games and chat about my new book over beers. Turns out, the guy is a phenomenally talented writer, and put together an hilarious and memorable piece about me, my diminished bowling skills, and, most of all, my book, PIN ACTION. The article appeared in Creative Loafing–Tampa Bay’s excellent “Books Issue,” which came out on Dec. 17. That issue features a solid review of the new biography of my favorite playwright, Tennessee Williams, among other great stories about good books that came out this year.

You can check out Morris’s story about PIN ACTION here.

But, really, check out the whole issue. It is must-read stuff for book lovers. You can find it here.