New Review of PIN ACTION, and Much More . . .

So much has happened since my last update I hardly know where to begin.

I’ll start here: PIN ACTION scored another very positive review! This time, from the San Francisco Book Review, which calls PIN ACTION ”clearly both a loving homage to and a balanced chronicle of a curious time in sports history.” Check out the full review here:

I am just as excited to have shared in a bit of history when a personal quest that began several years ago finally came to fruition. Get that story below, in my interview with my friend and fellow bowling writer, Jason Thomas of the United States Bowling Congress. This is one of the proudest achievements of my life, and it was an emotional experience for me to see it come to this:

Also, on March 25, my alma mater, Manhattan College, was kind enough to have me over for a reading and book signing. I began with a few poems from my new collection, THE PANIC INSIDE THE STARS, which was a finalist for the New American Poetry Prize last year, then read the first chapter of PIN ACTION while my baby daughter, Ellianna, roamed the room and stole the show. Thanks to my friend Steve Harris, one of the best sources for PIN ACTION, I have some photos from this great event:


Me with a Manhattan College student


Me with the star of the show, my daughter Ellianna

Me with Steve Harris

Me with Steve Harris

Lastly, it once again was my pleasure to be the guest on my good friend Lenny Nicholson’s legendary radio show, Phantom Radio, this month. To listen, check it out here: